The Corporate Wellness

Our mission is to empower and support occupational health and wellbeing in public and private organizations, integrating them in their internal social responsibility politics.

CWII Association assumes the promotion of Corporate Wellness, a concept designed to nurture wellness in employees, develop occupational health, prevent health professional risks and consolidate a healthy company culture on their social responsibility core, that includes:

- Employees health;
- Promotion of a safety, healthy and balanced workplace;
- Promotion of a dignified workplace, including a work, personal and family life balance, gender equality and diversity;
- Promotion of a healthy and financial balance lifestyle;
- Prevention of disease and its precocious diagnostic, promoting health screenings with medical evidences in workplace.

- Research and scientific activities management

- Promotion, participation and monitoring in multilateral projects or in partnership for the development of policies that promotes sustainability, creativity and employment in organizations

- Developing white papers based on research and best practices relating to wellness and health promotion to create discussion in the wellness industry on this topic

- Coordination, execution and evaluation of CW and Occupational Health programs

- Providing training and certifications for CW and Occupational Health professionals

- Certification and Audit for Organizations

- Providing CW Award assignment to organizations that demonstrates good practices of Corporate Wellness and Occupational Health

- Establishment of agreements and partnerships with entities operating in this field all over the world

General Assembly

- President | Jaime Henriques
- Vice President | MENAGEM RESOURCES – represented by Ricardo Bandim
- Secretary | Maria João Rodrigues


- President | Portuguese Association of - represented by Mário Parra da Silva
- Vice President | APSHSTDC – represented by Victor Santos Jorge
- Vice President | Maria Isabel Santos
- Treasurer | PEDRA BASE – represented by Anabela Vaz Ribeiro
- Secretary | Gil Davide

Conselho Técnico-Científico

- President | Luís Nascimento Lopes
- Member | Inês Pinto
- Member | Teresa Guerreiro
- Member | Cristina Vitorino
- Member | Manuela Calado
- Member | Mariana Alves Pereira

Conselho Fiscal

- President | Ana Jordão
- Member | Luís Gravito
- Member | CONPRO – represented by Leonor Martins