The competencies certification in corporate wellness is an asset for professionals and their organizations.

What is it?

It’s a recognition program and skills validation adressed to professionals that works in different domains of corporate wellness with the purpose of enrich their intervention as experts. The program identifies the profile of knowledge and experience required for the exercise of the trainer function and internal or external consultant to the organization, validating its suitability based on the expert level of intervention – operational or strategic.

It is adressed to all experts that works directly with at least one of the corporate wellness domains, including managers, consultants, trainers, internal or external to the organization. These domains may include, among others: business management, leadership and team management, human resources, safety and health at work, social responsibility, quality, environment and nutrition.

The applicant should first select the skills profile to recognize and the corresponding level of certification, evaluating compliance with the requirements defined in the CW certification access regulation. The application is made by sending to the president of the technical scientific council of the following documents:

- Application form fully filled;
- Curriculum Vitae in EUROPASS format, according to the requirements  of access to CWII certification;
- Evidences of qualifications presented attached to the curriculum vitae;
- Authorization to confirm the data sent with the relevant authorities, duly signed.

The jury may request additional evidence during the review process of the application. Once approved the application, it will be proposed a meeting for in-depth interview.

The jury will send its opinion, informing the applicant of its decision within one month after submission of the application.

Our association identified three profiles of certifiable skills that constitute levels of skills recognition. The applicant may apply for certification in any of the levels, given their experience profile and the type of intervention that have or plan to have in the organization.

Level 1 – Practitioner

The trainer specialized in Corporate Wellness is a professional with advanced skills in CW, able to deliver training programs intra or intercompany in this area.

Level 2 – Master Consultant

The consultant specialized in Corporate Wellness is a professional with advanced skills in CW, able to design, monitor and intervene in the implementation of programs in this domain.

Level 3 – Expert Advisor

The expert advisor in Corporate Wellness is a professional with advanced skills in CW and organizational strategy, able to support the organizations through the design of CW strategies and coordination of audits to their performance.

The jury is composed by members of the Technical and Scientific Council of CWII with recognized merit in the domains of Corporate Wellness and by rotating members that are integrated according to the candidate’s expertise domain. Curricula of the permanent members of the jury can be found in the Regulation of Access to CWII Certification.

Certification Level Value (€)
Corporate Wellness Practitioner - 300,00
Corporate Wellness Master Consultant - 600,00
Corporate Wellness Expert Advisor - 900,00

The value is paid upon the application to the certification. If not certified, the applicant can make a new application that does not involve the full payment of the value of certification.